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adultswim : Rick and Morty

Richard Dawkins was on an interview where Jon Stewart asked which poses the bigger danger to mankind, radical religious fanatics or science? His reply was radical religious fanatics using science. Jon quickly repeated the original question asking for an answer one or the other. Science was concluded to be the most dangerous because of the many possibilities of outcomes its experiments can contain. The true pandoras box of our existence. Since geneticists are playing roulette wheels trying to harvest the characteristics and qualities we find beneficial whilst only truly having a thin slice of comprehension we are at risk. This is basically the premise of adults swim’s “Rick and Morty”. The loudmouth, drinking, cursing, crude and generally disgusting grandpa Rick, leads his grandson Morty on different adventures through fantasy worlds, holographically projected realities, other planets, and parallel universes. He forced his grandson to smuggle rare seeds the size of milk bottles through interstellar customs up his dark cavity, only because his is too stretched out from all his earlier smuggling operations. He is callous and most times uncaring, an outside observer with a special distain for his son in law, played by Archer’s Chris Parnell, the cognitively challenged, insecure, whining father who got Ricks daughter, Beth, pregnant at seventeen while they were both in high school. She became a veterinarian. She is accompanied with a young, tan, hang loose colleague in the operating room. Summer is Morty's sister, an average teenage girl with normal teenage wants. In an episode where it is revealed she is working for the devil she equates working for him to any other job at the corporations.

The family often ask for grandpas help, which he offers an invention to solve the problem. Many times he also offers warning as to the limitations of the technology which the characters ignore or fail to grasp. Sometimes he forgets to explain key components about the elixir, device, or tech solution he compiled or created that cause the true chaos of the stories. Asking for Mortys help to climb down a cliff using anti-gravity shoes, Morty slides and falls down the face of the wall, Grandpa walks down the side of the sheer facade and tells him they don’t work if you don’t turn them on. This typical family is assaulted by colourful characters, mutated, left to fend for themselves and left for dead in response to the use of Grandpas inventions. Sometimes the inventions are truly successful and some are meaningless and sad, like the self aware robot he makes with the sole task of serving butter while despairing at his programmed existence.

In the narrative there are clever themes being played, like the lust of searching for meaning in life, the love of our technological gadgetry that promise the world at your fingertips, the quest for being accepted in society adhering to those particular norms, and the approach to our solutions to the everyday problems of the routine. Morty and Rick have a sort of Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly relationship dynamic from the movie Back to the Future. Like Family Guy or The Simpsons this series makes many references to pop culture like Disney, Jurassic Park, Nightmare on Elm street, the monkeys paw and other stories recycled in hollowed books and television sitcoms.

Rick and Morty is like a toned down mix of Superjail, Adventure Time, and Southpark. Sometimes it challenges our preconceptions of certain elements of our society, like when Rick makes a helmet that increases intelligence to their family dog and Fluffy ends up empowering his fellow dogs by building them superhuman dog suits, they conquer the world and do truckloads of castrations to keep their humans subservient to them. Fluffy, who renames himself Snowball, asks if he was to mate short legged humans together to genetically breed humans to put on shows, would that be moral. While trying to transform Cronenberg people, (disgusting mutated blobs of flesh), blotched by his hand from an earlier experiment he explains the recipe in his eyes to make a real human. During the christmas episode, Jerry is upset that everyone is on their phones tablets, etc, so he confiscates everyones electronics and hides them hoping to be able to connect with his family on a more human level. His parents arrive with their new young lover who becomes the moral-fibre in the whole episode.

Its clever, brutal, and catering to the least common denominator; Much like real life, sometimes there is a lesson to be learned and sometimes there’s not.