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“We are all specialists, living in terms only of money, not of real things, not the actual world of growth and making, the great machines having been man’s slaves are now his masters.” Denis Burlap

Point Counter Point- Aldous Huxley 1928

Adorjan Ficzere was born in Kingston Jamaica in 1981. He studied with the “commercial art” program in North Miami Beach Senior High School and learned skills like Photoshop 3.0, Quark Xpress, Bryce, Infini-d and actual airbrush and painting techniques. Following graduation, Adorjan studied Fine Arts for three years with a concentration in painting at Florida International University. After receiving a full government scholarship, he went to Budapest to learn Hungarian and study art history. He finished his bachelors and master degrees in Hungarian language studying drawing and visual communications with great remarks. He is happy to have kept up with photoshop and added a few other adobe products under his belt. He has an analytic mind and is great with people unless he’s not then he’s shy. He currently lives in the heart of Budapest teaching english, doing graphic design, making photography, and taking painting-drawing commissions. He appreciates your support because he knows how valuable your time is.

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